Sunday, 2 August 2015

1000 Views! Thank You!

Wow! Thank you!

Today I logged on to Blogger to see my blog post "Internet Trolls" had hit 1000 views! While this might not seem a lot in comparison to the thousands of hits other articles might have, this is big news for me when the next biggest views on one of my blog posts is just over 100 for "The Truth About Homesickness". I'm glad the blog posts that are receiving the most attention are the ones where I've tried to portray my opinion about issues I find important.

I write my articles for myself but with the idea in mind it could be interesting for someone else to read my view point and either agree or disagree and to potentially open up channels of communicating or discussing issues/films/books/music whatever it might be. So far the comments have been basically empty but maybe one day there will be some kind of open discussions going on through this blog. 

I don't mind telling you honestly that most of my blog posts get less than 20 views each so this is really great feeling for me. It's nice to write something and to put it in the public domain for inspection, dissection and judgement but it's also amazing to know that at least some of the stuff I'm writing is actually being read. 

So just a little post to say thank you if you read my blog because it is appreciated. I hope you keep reading and enjoy.

Jess x