Saturday, 18 July 2015

My thoughts on Gay Pride/Women's Day etc...

Though this blog title makes this post sound like it's going to be really negative, I promise it's not.

Today is Newcastle Gay Pride 2015 and thousands of people, gay, straight, pansexual etc., are flocking to wear rainbow colours, party, celebrate and have a good time. And here's my first point. Straight people will be attending to celebrate and show public acceptance of  being gay and that's really amazing. Especially considering even twenty, thirty years ago that just couldn't have happened and being homosexual was shunned and denied. But now we get to embrace all sexualities and choose the kind of love we want, and have a day to celebrate it.

However my problem lies in the fact that only homosexuality is being celebrated. I'm not saying that in a closed-minded grandparent kind of way where it's like, 'why must they flaunt it why is there no straight day back in my day...' Because that kind of closed-minded thinking is why it's taken so long for (most of) society to be as accepting as it is today and for prejudice to still be scarily prevalent among all generations of people.

My thinking is not that we shouldn't celebrate gayness, but that all sexualities should come together one day a year to celebrate all types of love. No one chooses to be straight or gay or any other sexuality, and just because heterosexuality is more socially accepted doesn't mean it shouldn't be celebrated too. In fact I would go so far to say that a Straight Pride day would in fact be transgressive and counter-productive, because it isolates anyone who isn't straight. Though Gay Pride has straight people too their sexualities aren't also being celebrated. Loving any kind of human being is an act in itself which should be celebrated by all. I would really enjoy seeing Sexuality Pride (maybe something a bit catchier) becoming popular, and everyone no matter what their preference partying together and being a bit more inclusive to any human who wishes to celebrate loving people. That sounds really hippie-ish but I really believe it. 

This brings me to my second point. Women's Day. Because I'm a woman I feel I can speak more openly about this topic without seeming subversive to the causes these days are trying to promote. I realise that of the two genders, women have been the most oppressed and still are to this day. However having a Women's Day will not solve this. The only people it seems to invite to celebrate being a woman is obviously... Women. It's so polarising. It's like, "men, get you're own day. This is ours!" In my opinion polarising whoever you are seeking to gain equality to isn't the right way of achieving your goal. Again, no one chooses their gender but it does tend to define you if you let it. Glass ceilings, fashion, segregated toilets, maternity/paternity leave etc. males also get discriminated, possibly not as much as women I have to say, but still there are  problems with identifying as a member of either, both or neither gender. Having a Gender Day (again let's think of a better name...) would be so much better. The whole of humanity celebrating the primary difference that separates two halves of Earth's popularity. Oh and guess what? Gender Day means whether you're transsexual, genderfluid, whatever you want to be, you get to celebrate that too!

We would all get to celebrate the fundamental differences that we all possess that not just make us unique but also connect and relate us to those who ALSO have those differences! 

Anyone that can call themselves a supporter of all of the following has a name. If you believe in equality for all races, sexualities, genders, don't use names like feminist etc. the word is HUMANIST. You believe all humans have the same worth. And though everyone is entitled to their opinion if yours is that anyone is worth less than anyone else, then your opinion is WRONG.

Just to throw some others into the mix: Black History Month. Like Morgan Freeman said, how can you fit the whole of black history into one month? More to the point, WHY should you? Celebrating your race/sexuality/gender whatever it is that makes you different, should be something that happens every day. Ideally we should be accepting of all differences - but that would be in a perfect world. Until that time can we all not just be accepting of ourselves and everyone else instead of picking one thing and saying "okay this is the difference we'll celebrate today and no one else should join in." What we should be doing is saying "okay we're all different why don't we all accept those differences and those of others." 

So let's work on some catchier names and start celebrating complete and total equality. 

Humanists unite!