Saturday, 28 March 2015

Home (2015) Film Review

I went to see this film tonight and I've got to say the adverts show the best bits. I was underwhelmed. The storyline was predictable and pretty much every single joke fell flat. It was cringe-worthy and predictable and nothing we haven't seen before.

Tip, voiced by Rihanna, and Oh, voiced by Jim Parsons, are so distracting. All you can hear is Rihanna and Sheldon (from Big Bang Theory). Their voices are far too distinctive to sustain main characters through an animated film. It just didn't work. They were well acted, and surprisingly especially Rihanna was believable as teenage Tip. Tip's mum Lucy, voiced by Jennifer Lopez, is much more subtle and believable.

The film was totally nonsensical and followed no rules of physics or logic in order for the plot to keep flowing. Such as when the Boovs see Oh and Tip and instead of immediatley doing something about the one last human they point their weapons at Oh... But they don't even recognise him in the first place. For children this might go unnoticed but for anyone else it's distracting and seems poorly thought out. The final scenes lack the emotional impact and seem bland and obvious. However the soundtrack is great, it's got some really good songs on. The Rihanna tunes are a bit jarring particularly when Tip's character puts one on, it takes you out of the film and reminds you - if you needed reminding - that Tip has Rihanna's voice. A strange choice in my opinion.

Tip is an interesting character, breaking the norm set by the Disney characters of having white, stick-thin, weak, damsel-in-distress, wishy washy girls. Tip is from Barbados (probably in part to explain Rihanna's non-American accent) and is black, curvy, outspoken, quick tempered, strong and brave character Disney should aspire to have more of. I hope this trend only gets more popular and continues to expand to all different races, religions, shapes, sizes, genders, personalities, etc. It's good to show that women can be a wide variety of things and don't have to fit one specific mould. Let's have some more outspoken, independent characters for children to look up to!

All in all it was an entertaining film but not funny or particularly emotional but worth a watch if you've got kids to keep busy and 90 minutes spare.